Making this the first true generator on the internet

Making this the first true generator on the internet

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Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‚Content here, content here‘, making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for ‚lorem ipsum‘ will uncover many web sites still in their infancy. Various versions have evolved over the years

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    that her mom, my grandma, had it too so I’m thinking it might be inherited. Her doctor told her he thought it was a vitamin B deficiency. I’ve never asked my own doctor about this. In the winter I seem to be fine because while others have cold feet mine feel good. Haven’t tried anything yet.

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    Ich bezweifele, das man den Rückschluss ziehen kann, Schäuble fühle sich an die Wand gedrängt. Eher ist das doch eine generelle Strategie, falsche Fakten durch Wiederholung glaubwürdiger erscheinen zu lassen. Hat bei der Videoüberwachung und den S-Bahn-Attenttätern doch auch geklappt. Wenn, fällt das vielleicht einem Blogger auf, aber wenn jemand von der Münchener Lokalpresse da war, hat der das bestimmt übernommen.

  5. Terrific sneaks. Looks like you may have stitched the stamped chicken wire pattern? Hmmm You have me thinking now. 😉 Your photos from the fair look great. You need some Everyday Eclectic (EP) for scrapping those!

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  7. 65: Your arguments are solid. I wasn’t aware that the balkans (muslims?) ordered US airstrikes.Clinton had two opportunities to kill the guy named Osama. He refused to give the order. Yeah, he bombed a toy factory in Africa and an empty training camp (after warning AQ through Pakistan). Yeah, his strategy to combat AQ really worked. It is not like US faced annual terror attacks from AQ.

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    Uh den ville jeg gerne vinde, så kan det være veninderne ikke længere mobber med at min tlf. efterhånden er museums materiale /Kristina

  9. This update is a complete and utter shambles! You guys at Google surely must now realise this? I can understand the need to reduce web spam but surely not at the expense of getting good, relevant search results? I never thought I would see the day where Google became a terrible search engine but that day is now upon us. Congratulations guys!

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  11. SÃ¥ blev bollerne lavet i gÃ¥r – og hold da op hvor var de lækre! Jeg tror vist opskriften mÃ¥ komme med til Østrig og blive en del af julemorgenbordet hos bedsteforældrene.

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    Multumim mult Roxi pentru aprecieri! Ne simtim foarte bine cand primim asemenea vorbe de lauda! Intr-adevar am pus mult suflet si pasiune, pentru ca noi consideram ca altfel nu se poate…dar daca Demi si Carmen nu ar fi fost asa deschisi, naturali si dornici de aceasta sedinta foto, nu ar fi iesit acelasi rezultat.

  13. 17 mai 2009 En rapport aux billet qui cartonnent, pourquoi ne pas faire une catégorie pour ceux sur la SNCF ? (vu que c’est un sujet a la fois récurrent ET polémique).

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    Ah Roger alors comme ça c’est sur les planches que tu m’admires… Fallait pas dire que je cire le parquet du théatre, j’ai fait croire que j’prenais des cours…Bisous à mon sympatique duétiste théatral.Tit’can I

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    If I were to be around this trainer, although I am not a biter I bet I will develop a habit of biting just by being around her negative aura. And first thing I would have bitten would be her tongue, so that she can not poison anyone else with these thoughts of senselessnes and emotional disattachment to any living thing but herself.She is a heartless control freak..I guess she should be picked up as a case study for Psychiatry Department . Doctorate thesis could be titled” The trainer that hate dogs: The portrait of a self-absorbed woman”

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    ¿Trabajar en una biblioteca Yanki? No creo que ningún bibliotecario llegue a hacer ningún trienio… seguro que están todos enchironaos acusados de matar a sus cenutrios-usuarios (que aunque sea en legítma defensa, esto está aún muy mal visto)

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    No, I must be the last knitter to discover the Modern Quilt Wrap. Thank you for posting the two colors side by side. I ordered a pared-down kit (only enough yarn to make one wrap at less then the cost of 9 balls of yarn) that substitutes the ember but I wondered how they compared.Barbara

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  23. All this wacky science to sell the Global Warming scam is laughable. Here in Florida, citrus groves have been migrating southward for the past 100 years. That alone is evidence of global cooling. Al Gore and his merry band of leftist globaldroids are criminals and should be indicted and put on trial.

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    Dear Charlotte,Thank you so much for the nice words ))! Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day and memories! It was such a pleasure having you there! See you soon ))!!!Many regards,Nadya

  29. Oooh guinness bread sounds fantastic! My Dad’s side of the family is Irish (in fact I have a lovely Irish surname to attest to that) but apart from my long departed Grandfather would love this. He loved St Patricks day so much he was devastated with my Mum when I was born the day before!

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    Z’s unfortunate comment is a clear point in putting meanings or words into another person’s mouth and evidence of improper use of context. When Cox said people in their zeal don’t use excellent sense he was talking about those in history (France for example) that were zealous and pro-reformation and thereby suffering for their actions. He made no spiel or implication about anyone not following his theory. Everything he said can be backed up by scriptural and historical references.

  31. When I saw that on Twitter I was soooooooooooo proud of you! That is amazing. The history inside that place in unbelievable and you can feel every last performer that has played there. It’s like the walls are talking to you or something!!! I know I’m a dork but I love the Opry.I bet it was an emotional day for you and I am so happy that Nashvile/Opry got to finally see you in action. I am betting that you will be up there by yourself one day and when that day comes the whole world will see what we all see now! How extremely talented you truly are!!!

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    It’s us again – the “we did all this last year” Chowns.It really isn’t that bad. Most of it is waiting around, and then when stuff starts to happen, you don’t really have time to be scared. Also, Steve stayed at the non-operational end, which he was much happier with.PS Cordy wasn’t purple – she was a bit red and confused-looking though!

  33. Awesome of you to admit they attacked the Israelis without the need of warning since they boarded the boat. When they had very little to hide and had been on the significant “peace” mission, violence ought to have been the last factor on their minds. Form of not easy to explain that a person absent, is not it?

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  40. wow!vivian got destroyed in london by tirunesh all that aside…both countries have great runners and i think its silly for racism to occur between the two countries over this. just live and let live…

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  43. Dear Ritesh – Thank you for your kind words. We wish that you spring back to happiness as soon as possible… Pain and Pleasure are two sides of a coin…At a time we can see only one side but remember the other one waiting for it’s turn. Best wishes – Shobhana./ Rishika

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    Are you kidding me?? Here are some facts, Josh Cribbs is average at best at what he does. He was only resigned because he was a fan favorite. Any one of the receivers or defensive backs could do his job, a few, Haden or Benjamin, could do it better. I don’t care who he thinks should be quarterback, he is not a coach, he is a player and needs to shut his mouth and listen to his coaches. LG, yet another terrible attempt to anger the fan base here in Cleveland, Go back to Pittsburgh!

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    Any university whose students use words like “inferiororitaly” should be given our sympathies. The meritocracy has obviously broken down further than we’d first feared.Anyway Joel, in what way does a reasonable challenge of this guy on the grounds of taste and racism betray us as feeling “inferiororital” to the chap in question. Seems like he’d have thousands more potential friends to choose from if he weren’t a racist. Tends to cut down the friend-making opportunities of the average young man, immediately excluding large portions of the population.

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    We have never had a Presidential administration that goes against Israel ( previously our great ally according to past democratic party platforms-no more) and Jewish interests,(winking at and enabling anti-semitism abroad and at home) as this one has. African-Americans or Latinos would not accept this crap if it was being fostered on their communities or interests, yet the liberal American Jews will go over the cliff for Obama like the sad, scared lemmings that they are…

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    Eh, que Diablo II también tenía un guinazo de la ostia. Eso sí, en cuanto supe que las cinemáticas estaban colgadas en el aún joven youtube, pude dejar de jugar y mi índice dejó de tener artritis. Era lo único por lo que jugaba.

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  55. … I am really really really baffled by whites who behave like this and welcome this.. are they really this stupid??———There are people who get off on being whipped or over having nails driven through their genitals, so, yes.

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    Goede verwoording en ik denk dat je gelijk hebt. Misschien ben ik iets te scherp geweest met de formulering van mijn standpunten, maar de boodschap was, zoals jij het ook zegt “Blijf in de buurt van het onderwerp.” Het heeft in ieder geval een interessante discussie opgeleverd.

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    “Standard orthodox teachings dictate that no work is to be done on the Sabbath” Does this imply that there are no acts of aggression from Israel during the Sabbath? Or does pulling the trigger on a M16 and launching cluster bombs classify as “playing” rather than work??? /running for cower

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    disse:Espero que passem um super scanner nas malas, inclusive da tripulação. Fico imaginando alguns políticos passando pelo scanner e a cueca cheia de dinheiro….BethVc já está nos trópicos hein? E aí foi um choque térmico??rsBeijos

  59. « L’égalité est parfaitement respectée, puisque tout le monde, hétéro ou homosexuel, peut se marier avec une personne du sexe opposé, et personne, hétéro ou homosexuel, ne peut se marier avec un personne de même sexe » : typique argument de pure mauvaise foi.

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    agree with fishnchimps. all trade mags are reviled because they too closely reflect the industry the cover. the truth hurts. at least campaign has a POV. and private view is always good for a laugh.

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  63. I have this wonderful picture frame that was given to me by one of my students when I taught kindergarten. It has all these great shells from the beach glued all over it – totally a kid 'that's so COOL' gift – and it holds a picture of my sister and I. It's not home until that frame/photo are up!

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    DEADMONTON is only world class – when it comes to murders.Why should taxpayers get stuck for A BILLION DOLLARS in total, when katz collected $920 MILLION CASH in January 2012, when he sold his Medicine Shoppe division.Let him leave with his overpaid thugs, and I am sure some real Edmontonians will make up a winning team.

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    Wow, so many folks that are going to end up looking fucking stupid for allowing this SOB con artist to pull a fast one on them so he can shit in, or should I say on, the White House on our dime.

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  68. I looked at everything, it looks good but you can hardly call it testing when the only way to get to the new features is through the blog. Too much clicking and waiting to really test anything.

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    I agree with Ardis about the value of an “impractical education.” I majored in philosophy and minored in humanities, and I’ve done fine career-wise. Well, maybe not — after all, I am unemployed right now.

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  73. Hi Debbie,I hope today finds you feeling better; the last day of your long weekend, and a pretty one at that!Extra blessings and hugs!Denise

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  75. , the Non-Creedals and Non-Liturgicals have to fill the voids the Creeds and Liturgy provide with something. The results are not revisions, or changes, but outright replacements with different emphasis, practices, and content. The current issues in controversy are the symptoms of those replacements. Your claim that these “controversies” are the cause the abandonment and/or “revision” of the Creeds and Liturgies, is false. The reality is the abandonment of the Creeds and Liturgy is the cause of the ” controversies”, and their growth. Credo means “This I believe”. Without that, anything is, and has become possible.

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    Acho importante que entrem mais equipes, seja qual for o jeito. Hoje, a F1 é conhecida por sua vasta tecnologia, mas no passado, era uma corrida de carros. Considerando que a tecnologia não me atrai muito, prefiro pensar que quanto menos orçamento, melhor a corrida.

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    „No, you should be convinced that people who hang out with gibbering idiots tend to be, well, gibbering idiots.“If I thought the gibbering idiots the reporters where gravitating to were an actual representative sample that might start making sense, except that ignores the fact that any group has gibbering idiots (or other undesirables) in it if you look hard enough. Especially in a group that has no choice in who comes down to protest or talks to the media.Talking to people personally, myself, hasn’t gotten me anywhere near that 97 number you’ve picked.

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  81. Londoner is correct. This is essentially a chimpout. The whites are tag-along buddies and secondary actors. (What the media calls 'opportunistic' thugs).The MSM with its fearless devotion to truth works hard to show video and pics where white rioters are framed in the centre of the screen.

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