Through the cites of the word in classical

Through the cites of the word in classical

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    These turned out SO goroegus! Your whole family, amazing M! Great job Aika and I LOVE her cute frilly dress too, great shots and wonderful capture of a beautiful family

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    Ahh look at J playing a competiiton, he is a mini me! Sorry to hear it has been a week of lows too. Can’t wait to see you. Mich xmichelle twin mum recently posted..

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    Huhu Katharina! Du hast die Sterne gekonnt in’s rechte Licht gesetzt (musste schön schmunzeln ab deiner „geheimen Nachricht“), ich finde deine Karte wunderschön – du bist eben ein Profi!!Grüessli, Monika

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  16. I’ve always felt that poetry is about tenderness of human emotions. How you can convey a story with a choice of words, either simple or complex, and still suspend reader’s imagination. I love the economy of words in this poem, a simplicity that goes well through the lines, and show-don’t-tell aspect only a poet can carry to call it a very disciplined work. This poem reminds me of book “Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. Loved it, its every word.

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    They seem to favour living in the drains instead of the soil! I believe they are from the back yard or front lawn.Hahah I could’ve left the scene too but then they might crawl out of the toilet and into the living room etc. and OMG I’d really faint then!! HAHA!

  26. Yes! I recall Zazoo U with great longing. As a weird grown-up kid, I used to watch it with my four-year-old son. I’ve been frustrated for years by the near-total absence of any record of its sublime goofiness.

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  50. Nick & Sunny, My problem with them going off with the light is that the over before Hughes smashed two 4s.The not following on is whoevers fault it is they picked 3 bowlers. And the best man for the job in my eyes the man standing next to Ponting.

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